In 2000 whilst going through a bumpy period in my life I stumbled on this concept of Montessori. What was it and what was it all about. After investing in formal training I discovered "the best thing ever". Initially it was odd. "Freedom of movement", free choice,etc, etc. Education, I once thought, was structured and strictly outlined. What was this idea that children could do whatever they wanted and learn in the process? It was alien to my upbringing, along with all that i had learned about being educated. 
     Nonetheless, I was intrigued. I loved the concept of freedom. My upbringing was fairly structured and strict so this notion of freedom in the classroom was worthing exploring. Hence, my personal investment in this training and all that it entailed. It was bizarre at first, but as time went on, I grew to love it. 
     Fourteen years later, having trained in the UK and America, I am totally at peace with that decision. I still love what I do for a living. No matter what is going on in the world around me, I love my job.

Having worked at the Children's House for several years these are some observations I have come to enjoy:

1. Watching the children explore and try to decide what to start their day with upon arrival. 

2. Anticipating what great discovery each child will make.

3.  Watching the children grow from timid three year olds to confident, fully expressive, joyful individuals

4. Exploring varying concepts and discovering new things together.

5. The privilege and blessing of knowing each new year and new group will bring new challenges and new students but knowing ultimately we will reach the best for each individual 

6. Looking forward to the change in dynamics as new children join and both adults and children adjust and grow in the process.

7. Seeing our rooms, especially the culture area, change during the year as we explore new concepts. The practical life has works replaced and renewed as others are being mastered. Each break, and every few weeks the children go to school expecting and wondering what has changed. They search for and try out new works, and anyone looking from the outside in, can observe the joy of discovering and mastering each new work from the children. The children learn negotiation and patience as they wait, anticipate, and often  try to convince their peer that perhaps they could have a turn "just once more". Some children prove to be great negotiators and can get an extra turn sooner than others. Eventually, everyone has the opportunity to explore the new material and has their own tactile experience of the same. 

     Overtime, we as a learning center at the Children's House have grown into an observation forum for those learning about Early Childhood in local colleges. Of course, in our focused environment, the presence of the adult students does not distract the children from their eager exploration. Instead, it offers an avenue for them to assist and share some of their valuable skills. 
     During the 2013-2014 school year, we embraced the Florida Voluntary Pre-School (VPK) program. Thereby extending our program to those may otherwise not have the opportunity. Our days start with prayer:

       Jesus I offer you all I think, say, and do. Bless me and make me more like you today.

We learn a scripture verse every month, learn German along with Spanish, do fun arts and crafts, work in music and movements, construct numerous projects, conduct interesting science experiments, garden, and many more fun activities. No two days are the same at the Children's House. Each day is a unique opportunity for growth and development for the Children and staff.
     Our parish along with our parents are our greatest support. Volunteers come in to share their skills and assist our day to day processes. This year, we have already had a successful fundraiser, explored our discipline phrase "The Aroma of Christ", and celebrated holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and our 100th day of school. Though each presented challenges along the way, with each challenge came a new opportunity for growth. 
     As 2014 starts we wish you a happy and progressive new year. We thank God for life and the new opportunities provided to us each day. We look forward to Valentine, Easter and perhaps another fundraiser, our 8th annual St. Jude's Hospital Trike-A-Thon, and, of course, our Graduation. There is truly never a dull moment at the Children's House. 

Exploring, discovering, experiencing, and growing. 

Education is a progressive process and we endeavor to grow and further the education of our future leaders daily.